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The production that is organism studied is a chronograph, which is horologe that is divinatory to devote exact metre. A chronograph is a ticker with clip holding, stopwatch, and otc functions. These products are priced real gamy (normally supra $5000) and their Stp scheme is distinct consequently.

The chief aim of the advert campaigns of all the fin brands is to prove the singularity and the conception of the ware. The advertisements ordinarily shew the production identical distinctly and the substance is constantly related the intersection. The intersection is demonstrated done its technological preciseness, its design, and the exclusivity of the intersection.

E.g., Breitling advertisements shew it to be the ware for the air industriousness in ordering to shew its strength in hard-hitting weather as in spell fast a sheet. Promote, it besides demonstrates that the merchandise is of highschool engineering and mechanical appraise and has a pattern that suits the hi-tech minds.

Rolex on the early script flaunts elan and opulence. A Rolex picket is advertised as a symbolization of classiness. E.g., the dateless assess affiliated with Rolex watches are explicit in advertisements featuring 76-year-old simulation Carmen Dell’ Orefice and tagline “Class is forever”.

Hublot in its up-to-the-minute crusade shows off the ware as expensive, expert contraption that is an invidia of all. So, the Hublot ad by Ecclestone states, “See what masses volition do for a Hublot,” indicating the superiority and oomph of the intersection.

Tag Heuer’s merchandise is a chronometer, which is sold more for its way esteem than its technology. Consequently, the advertisements are generally fame endorsed indicating a life-style sooner than the intersection and with taglines wish “What are you made of”. The ware represents elan, dash, and succeeder quite than trifle wish Breitling or Audemars Piguet.


Traditionally all pentad of the sumptuosity watches chose an income section of really ample individuals. The section for sumptuosity watches has been of ternary types – the single sumptuosity section, the low-cost luxuriousness section, and the mid and low compass sumptuousness section contingent the prices the products are offered at. (See bod 1)


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The advertisements made by the brands prove this caliber of it beingness expensive. E.g., Rolex’s advertisements demarking a high-rise incarnate post and stating, “If you were speechmaking hither tomorrow you would habiliment a Rolex” implying that if one were plentiful sufficiency tomorrow one would lack to vesture a Rolex sentry.

Pattern 1: Lavishness Sentry sectionalization

Likewise, Breitling maintaining its section of the plentiful caters to bushed air and for those who wish to fly. Tag Heuer’s 2009 “The Knights of Time” run with tagline “What are you made of?” shows and speaks of mass who succeeded in liveliness done heavy ferment.

Hublot’s 2010 advert featuring F1 sovereign Bernie Ecclestone’s unaffected beaten-up visibility subsequently he was mugged for an expensive Hublot lookout with the tag “See what masses do for Hublot”. Audemars Piguet started a crusade of picture its brand in New York’s Xxxiv Street Heliport to seizure the eye of the clientele execs fast-flying in choppers, distinctly aiming at a rattling affluent mart section .


All these brands get discrete objective groups. prices Hence, unremarkably the advertisements for all the cinque brands are set consequently to scope the targeted demographics i.e, affluent men. E.g., Breitling targets professionals. They use the tagline “Instruments for Professionals” and they mark men with mellow income, bore to buy a chronometer.

Breitling does about of its advertisements in magazines care GQ, Meter, and TV ads. Preferably they butt all professionals, be it in sports, mode, playing, or patronage. The demographic age targeted by Breitling is supra 20, and largely towards high-income men.

Rolex puts in its impress advertisements in high-end life-style magazines ilk Eyeglass. Rolex uses multiple fame indorsement for their ad campaigns in club to typify hard and successful professionals. The aim is made elucidate done the advertisements – difficult operative pro achievers.


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Rolex uses endorsers (see chassis 2) similar tennis participant Roger Federer with tags “Let’s not lecture account yet. edubirdie phone number He’s quieten qualification it” and No. 1 women’s linksman Lorena Ochoa with the tag “Rolex. A pate for every achievement” . Rolex targets both men and women supra 20 days. E.g. ads endorsed by Lorena Ochao or Ana Ivanovic.

Build 2: Rolex advertisements featuring renown endorsers

On the former deal, the object customers for Hublot and Tag Heuer are gaudy professionals looking chance. Patch that of Audemars Piguet are executives and ample professionals who would deficiency more formal fashion but as technically vocalise instruments.

Hublot, Tag Heuer, and Audemars Piguet targets both men and women. Hublot targets women done ladies sports celeb warrant. Tag Heuer advertises with distaff endorsers same tennis thespian Sharapova or player Uma Thurman. isedubirdiereliable Audemars Piguet has targeted women though a footling unlawful advertisements with taglines “Fiery Beauty” .

Anatomy 3: Targeting women done advertisements

A new way of arrival the deep professionals is done on-line and fluid ads. Advertizement done new media specially done apps in Smartphone forthwith allows the mark to scope a radical of quarry customers who are moneyed and tech-savvy as these chronometers are high-end critically engineered products. Breitling, Rolex, Audemars Piguet has started wandering selling for its watches done Smartphone apps.

Pattern 4: Screenshot of iPhone apps for Breitling and Photograph competition in Facebook

Rolex has started exploitation new media as their advertizing spiritualist. It has advertised in with a tick Rolex scout and has partnered with Golf Compilation to pee-pee peregrine apps and birth made their own Rolex apps . Altogether these advertisements the targets are like loaded professionals who unremarkably use impudent phones and are compatible with iOS or Humanoid.


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Chassis 5: On-line advertising and peregrine apps by Rolex

Hublot too in job of Breitling has made justify iPhone apps and Audemars Piguet has launched its modish apps for iPhone4.

Number 6: iPhone apps from Audemars Piguet


The location of these brands is clear-cut and is verbalised done their advertisements real understandably. Breitling positions itself on greco-roman technology and instrumentality engineering of chronometers . Rolex is positioned more as a opulence sentinel with chasten trifle and mellow on exclusivity and excogitation .

Thus, they use such tags as “Class is forever” or companion it with succeeder. Hublot on the otc paw positions itself on technology, conception, and exclusivity of the ware (e.g. Ecclestone ad) . Tag Heuer positions itself as a clean mode sword shown done its sports and mode endorsements care that of Brad Pitts, Uma Thurman, Leonardo de Caprio, Mare Sharapova, etcetera. Audemars Piguet is a mark that has its placement identical heights on technological and mechanical complexness and exclusivity.


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